The simplest way to open your door is Virkey

Generate high security virtual keys and give access safely.


Hardware with open firmware supporting several boards. Available on GITHUB.


Free app available on Android & iPhone. Your keys always with you.

Web admin

Admin your keys from phone, tablet or computer. Powerful & easy to use. You can visit it here: Admin Area


A simple to use system with maximum security.

Maximum security

Elliptic curve cryptography system that offers unparalleled security. Auditable open firmware. Access logs.

Fully featured

Give and remove access instantly to users or groups. Define time restrictions (e.g. key valid monday to friday from 9 to 5)

App image

Advanced technology

Offline (hardware doesn't need internet connectivity). OTA (Over The Air firmware updates after opening the door).


Open the door scanning a QR code or with a NFC tag

Download the firmware and try it today!

Check supported hardware on our github page

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